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KOPECS boasts the production system with automation managment, sound sales service, and simple and convenient business operation. Moreover, thanks to its sales network throughout the world, the company has spread its concept on marvelous quality all over the world.
KOPECS sales network has spread throughout the country and own customer's satisfaction and confirmation on products quality, function and price. We will take the lead in automatic control valve field as we own favourable climatic, geographical and human conditions.
Looking forward to the 21 Century, KOPECS will focus on the research of environmental protection and ecology, and make more efforts to draw up global blueprint, in doing so, we will make it become a world-class valvw maker and the forerunner of research, manufacturing and marketing.

As KOPECS is one of leading company of Control Valve industry in Korea, we has been manufacturing and exporing Control valves such as ball valves, butterfly valves, high temperature valves, slide gate valves, desuperheater. We will do our best to fulfill customer¡¯s needs and achieve customer¡¯s trust with the development of specialty products, high-quality service, high-technology and competitive price.

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